Our services

Since 1998 ozestudi brand has been offering its own line in industrial design (product design) and graphic design.

We have a global and multidisciplinary vision of design as a discipline, we do not design for only a few typologies or one specific sector, we just tackle all kinds of problems that can be solved by designing. And we always do it in a strategical way.

“We have designed for more than 100 clients,

developed more than 200 projects,

been awarded more than a dozen times,

and designed, on the whole, more than 70.000 hours.”

Industrial design – Product design

We design all kinds of products for multiple sectors, trying to offer innovative solutions always tailored to the needs of customers and final users.

We can work in every stage of the design and development of a product, this is from the conceptual idea to its manufacture, having for this purpose an expert and a wide group of collaborators, manufacturers and suppliers that allow us achieve maximum efficiency and competitiveness always.

We carry out a neat and rigorous design process in which the client is not only informed and updated, but also takes part in the solutions because that it is really his project.

Graphic design – Comunication

We provide solutions to all kinds of graphic design, editorial and communication needs. We always do it from a strategic point of view to allow a coherent and tidy growth of brands.

We can work in: the creation of corporate images for new companies, analysis and updating of established brands, communication management, corporate applications, press releases, advertising, catalogs, editorial projects and illustration.


There is no design without a commission, a real commission determined by a client and his specific business need. For this reason, our clients are the only reason and meaning of our work.

Throughout all these years, these are just some of the companies that have trusted us. With them we have grown and traveled part of our way as an independent design studio.